Experience-based learning in Mobilis

2020 Blog, Other

During our previous blog, we mentioned the location of 29. April, 2019’s workshop, Mobilis Interactive Exhibition Centre in Győr, where we were introduced to Mobilis’ own training courses and their elements.

Nowadays, it’s become quite clear that traditional pedagogy may work with exceeding efficiency, but only if they extend their toolset with alternative education’s imports, and even alternative pedagogy isn’t capable of reaching great results in and of itself, neglecting traditional education processes.

Experience-based learning is also an indispensable element of PLM’s programme, as the fundamental goal of educating project management is to make the student an active member of the process, instead of them being a “passive victim” of it. This is how the learning of experiences and internalisation of knowledge becomes fun.

At Mobilis, visitors can experience the wonders of everyday life, and today’s newest technologies. The interactive expo zone has close to 70 tools to experience, each offering a chance at experiencing a game featuring wind tunnels, mirror labyrinths, or streamlined car bodies, etc. In a newly created area similar to a university auditorium, fun and interesting scientific experiments are also shown, which are of the most popular in Mobilis.