Visit to Győr’s Mobilis Interactive Exhibition Centre

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The location of the 29. April, 2019 workshop was the Mobilis Interactive Exhibition Centre in Győr.

Mobilis is a unique scientific playground, even in Europe. Those visiting can spend their time throughout several hours with a variety of activities consisting of amazing scientific presentations, and 74 interactive tools.

The mission of Mobilis is no less than making people approach and create fondness for natural sciences. Mobilis aims to complete this quest in a colourful, entertaining and fun way. In the fort of Hungary’s vehicle manufacturing, Győr, Mobilis offers an experience for spectating the process of vehicle manufacturing and transport, the manufacture method and technology, and the connection between everyday life, mobility, and sciences.

  • 74 unique tools one can experience
  • Special natural science study groups by age
  • Games to develop competences

During our workshop, the colleagues of Mobilis shared their own education programmes’ experiences, with special focus on grade- middle- and high-schoolers.

The participants checked on the possibility of integrating the PLM programme into Mobilis’ offered courses, and its conditions. There were also mentions of joint programmes.