The connection between the labour market and the problems of education

2019 Blog, Other

The task of employment policy is to make sure employment happens, meaning there’s a demand for labour. This is dependent on economic development, and education has a decisive role in the development of economy, and the creation of social integration.

One of the most notable errors of the education system is that it doesn’t follow the current needs of the labour market. The problems of unemployed Hungarians and the deformities of the labour’s education structure show that there’s an institutional-level problem with education. This could be solved by modernising the education system, which would be described by a school system much more flexible than the one today. In order to reach this stage, professional education needs to react to the demand of economy-mover sectors and areas that are facing economic development. Similarly, to the specifics of sectors stagnating, or before devolving, that have less inspiration from technological development. In order to balance labour supply and demand, employment policy should support the modernisation of higher education’s professional structure, the development of the chance equality, re-educational and postgraduate course systems within adult education. There’s a need to spread distance learning, and life-long learning, in order to, and in support of spreading the idea of the learning society.