Fieldwork among the students of Vienna

2018 Blog, Other

As part of the international cooperation, on 28. May, we organised, and took part in an educational outing, during which we visited SIETAR Austria in Vienna, Austria.
After arriving, and completing a quick program introduction, we immediately went towards our first location, which was a school in Vienna, where we had the chance to familiarise ourselves with the different methods and tools of innovative education, and learning.

Austria is one of the leading countries of Europe in terms of educational Informatics, and they managed to obtain this position in the last 10 years.
Digital technology has a significant impact of the everyday lives of students, regardless of the focus being on having fun, free time activities, gathering information and distributing it, or keeping in touch. In Austria, educational policy effectively and successfully reacted to the challenges of the Digital Revolution, which also brought a change on the field of learning and education. They assisted education with the usage of methods and tools which support the productive and value creating development and education of the students.

Within the educational environment aided by IT tools, the contents of the education are important, the regulation and organising of the educational process is more about activity, productivity, cooperation – in most cases, the student is in the centre of the process, therefore, the activity is almost all his/her responsibility, similarly to interactivity and productivity. This in and of itself is a big difference in methodology compared to traditional educational environments’ learning processes, as this offers the opportunity for the usage of methodological and education-organisational solutions centred on the student.
Therefore, Hungary has a lot to develop regarding the area of education. It would be highly advantageous to drive our educational policy towards a new development curve following foreign examples and best practices.