Professional visit to our Austrian partner organisation

2018 Blog, Other

As part of the international cooperation, on 28. May, we organised, and took part in an educational outing, during which we visited SIETAR Austria in Vienna, Austria.

The organisation is a member of the most notable associations of the world, which help in the research of intercultural questions, in improving the awareness in business and education, and stress the importance of their role in society. The SIETAR network has more than 30 regional and national member organisations, which altogether have more than 3000 members across the world. They hold multiple international events, and in to reach their goals using publications, other events, and scientific research work.

Our welcoming was warm and friendly this time as well, similarly to every single travel until now. After arriving, and completing a quick program introduction, we immediately went towards our first location, which was a school in Vienna, where we had the chance to familiarise ourselves with the different methods and tools of innovative education, and learning. After this, we held a professional discussion with our cooperating partners, detailing the tasks we took upon ourselves as part of the project. They also gave us a short summary about the research they conducted, which touched upon the usage of project management methods and tools in private life in Austria. During the afternoon, a life coach also joined us as a member of the team of experts, who helped the success of the research with his useful insights, and everyday experiences.