Helping the members of handicapped social groups with catching up, using specific education programmes

2020 Blog, Other

In our previous blog, we already mentioned related to the September Think Tank, that one of today’s most important initiatives is to make a stronger cooperation between education and employment. Reducing unemployment can be done via making education serve the labour market’s needs better.

Adult-age education and training offers an opportunity to reduce social distance, mobility between social castes, and tracking of the economy’s labour market demands. Newer economic and social demands can be met, newer competences can be obtained. Another possible function is the reduction of the employee competence gap, and aiding the identity and rights management form easier. Furthermore, sense of security, social usefulness and the creation of a future vision are also made easier.

The training and education specific for target groups doesn’t only aim at offering knowledge, but tries to go beyond towards creating an employee attitude compatible with integration into society.

These specific courses are

  • aiming to develop communication and learning capacity, to meet lifelong learning’s needs, and competences required for it.
  • aiming to develop students’ lifestyle into a form applicable to society, and their knowledge about the world.
  • offering a chance at compensating for their past education failures, and to reduce other handicaps.
  • fundamentally wishing to achieve a higher grade of development and socialisation of student personality.

Successful and efficient target group-specific courses must have the educator know the adults’ learning specialities and life circumstances in all cases.