Workshop at Ökosys Co. Ltd., Komárom

2020 Blog, Other

Komárom served as the host for the July workshop, where the EUROPÉER Foundation’s representative, the Slovakian partner organisation, Selye János University’s representative, and the members of the host organisation, Ökosys Co. Ltd. participated.

Ever since its inception, Ökosys Co. Ltd. has been dedicated to environmental protection. As such, they created the “Ökotermék” (ecologically friendly product) brand. The products created by the enterprise, and given the Ökotermék brand are 100% biologically dissolving alternatives to plastics currently on the market. Their products are made from materials like sugarcane, palm leaf, PLA, paper or wood sourced from a sustainable forestry, all of which are 100% compostable, and during the manufacturing, minimising environmental load.

Due to this, the enterprise frequently hosts perspective changing and educational programmes aimed at environmental protection, where the decision-making of the environmentally aware consumer is in the core.

PLM can assist this perspective shaping via the concept of awareness in life management. By making the currently growing generation more aware – be that financial or environmental awareness – it’s possible to create educational packages which use project management tools and methods to help shape their thoughts. An aware and responsible youth and his generation may take small steps, but determined steps nonetheless towards a sustainable economy, industry, and environment.