International Project Life Management Conference

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15. 10. 2019., Hunguest Hotel Palace, Lillafüred

We are happy to announce that for the third time since its conception, the PLM Programme holds a conference to prove that it’s growing wider in acclaim, and the number of supporters and followers of the programme are increasing.

The International Project Life Management Conference to be held at 15. 10. 2019 is an event closing the EFOP-5.2.2-17 international tender. The tender was realised by the EUROPÉER Foundation and the Professional Project Life Nonprofit Co. Ltd. together, with the overall goal of creating a basis for promotion of project-based life management.

The goal of the EFOP-5.2.2-17 transnational cooperation tender was to exploit opportunities of international joint operations, introduction of international experiences and best practices, and working out suggestions for domestic use. Our project named Project-based life management was realised between 2018 and 2019, organisations from Croatia, Slovakia and Romania were taking part in joint workshops, fieldworks and professional events. We realised two market analyses as part of the project, both with the cooperation of 100 individuals. We were gathering data from GOs and NGOs relevant for project-based life management offering human services, of which a closing report was made.

The conference will host the presentations of foreign partner institutions on the experiences abroad concerning project management tools and methods’ usage in private life. We also get a methodological summary of other countries’ relevant experiences.

The conference also hosts unique training, where the Project Life Management Academy’s training courses will be introduced. There will also be feedback on just how project management tools and methods can help us manage our everyday lives, the development of our key competences, and raising our children for awareness.

We kindly invite every interested party, who wishes to meet the base concept of the PLM programme, try the methodology of PLM, or understand the usage areas and development opportunities of the programme.

Participation is free as part of the programme, but requires registration – you can do so on the link below.