State of life of mothers returning from maternity leave

2020 Blog, Other

During our previous blog, we introduced some of the important decision situations for youths, which will result in impacts to their future lives, making it necessary for them to be aware decision-makers.

Another important target group is that of mothers returning from maternity leave. This life situation is also a cause of problems for mothers where they need to decide and make priorities.

The PLM Programme’s important areas include the question of social responsibility, and aims to aid mothers with integrating into the labour market again.

They also have to think through several project opportunities. Looking for a job is a project in and of itself, and an important one that needs every step planned in order to reach success. Preparing for interviews, developing old knowledge base through some training or course, even on their own. Furthermore, the childcare options need to be weighted, often left to day-care or nursery. But even for this case, it’s advised to debate which steps should be planned in advance. Such steps could be the selection of institution, registering, cost planning, procuring necessities, or transporting the child to and from the day-care or nursery.

And the most important for a mother is to have time for herself to be a balanced, self-confident woman, who can support a family in harmony.