The life situation of the late awakened and the wise

2020 Blog, Other

In our previous blog posts, we were talking about a few important decisions for young career starters, and mothers returning from maternity leave, which will have an impact on their future lives. Both target groups have a high level of importance in aware decision-making, as their futures will be shaped largely by their current status.

This blog deals with the late-awake and wizened age groups’ life state. The former include for example those that find themselves facing a situation that they have no family yet, but time has passed for them; those that don’t want to work at the usual place anymore, and want to break free from the monotone days; or those who don’t want to live in a rented place, and wish to own a lodging. The most important for them is that they face their realistic, actual life, and the goal is to reach the desired project, state of life as fast as possible. For them, time management is exceptionally important, as the goal is to make the project a success in as short a time as possible.

The latter group includes retired, or those awaiting retirement. They also tend to debate a lot of things, for one, financial security, how they’ll live off of retirement pension. For another, the thought of becoming unnecessary, about what they will do with all the free time they just got, and even fear of death becomes prevalent. The most important here is positive thinking. The goal is to spend as much quality time with family, friends, finding a hobby, and if there’s none, keeping physical fitness and mental health, keeping knowledge level, and developing it. Therefore, managing their projects and living life with awareness is important for them as well.