Project management is learnable

2020 Blog, Other

Project management isn’t a skill born with us, it’s learnable using the PM 5 process system. During the phase of initiating the project, we design targets, collect the demands of stakeholders, and deconstruct tasks to affix priorities to them.

In the following phase, we start planning in detail, we need to time the deadlines, create a cost-analysis.

During the part of execution, actualisation happens, in accordance with the targets, procuring necessary tools, organising task management and collecting feedback.

Monitoring and controlling follows the entire process on the side – appears for project initiation, planning, execution, and closing as well. Reason being, without control, we can’t reach the results which we aimed to reach at all. In the closing phase, we accept the finished tasks, and collect experiences. We think about how much we managed to abide by plans and requirements, and if there’s anything to improve, to make sure the next project will perform better.