Panel discussion on the International PLM Conference

2020 Blog, Other

The goal of the panel discussion is to strengthen project perspective and usage of awareness today using interactive communication for the relevant topics.

Reason being, in order to rule chaos, and keep order and balance around ourselves, we need to consistently adapt to the changes, and at the same time, aim to have a sort of awareness on any areas of life; preparing for life, learning, in the family, in school, in educational institutions preparing us for our chosen field of expertise, our work career, our choice of walk of life, our choice of workplace, and changes in workplace strategies. We need order in choosing a significant other, and in planning a family. At the same time, we need to realise rules in financial processes, or the methodology of different communication channels.

The members of our panel discussion are university lecturers, notable coaches, and those who all were members of the PLM programme’s birth and development from the start, both guidebooks published as part of the author programme, and as such, dedicated supporters of integrating the project perspective into our daily lives and education systems.