Let’s find order within the chaos!

2019 Blog, Other

Using the project perspective in our private lives helps us to take charge of our fates in this perpetually swirling, changing world, instead of being at the whims of said world. Nowadays, there’s only one thing assured – the general lack of assurance in anything, constant changes on all areas of life. The only option is to find the order within the chaos. Order, which is our place in preparing for ‘life’, learning: within our family, school, institutions preparing us for our chosen field of expertise, during our careers, choosing between workplaces, the strategy for workplace changes, and choosing a lover and building a family. Similarly, we have to understand the logical connections in financial processes, or the method to the workings of various communication channels. However, in order to take control into our own hands over the chaos, and keep order and balance around us, we have to perpetually adapt to new changes, and aim to build awareness in all areas of our lives.