Project management and PLM in education

2019 Blog, Other

Project management in today’s education is a special knowledge, skill and competence group made to prepare one for a profession. The profession in question counts certified experts that consider the realisation of others’ business projects efficiently as their tasks. However, according to their beliefs, project management includes techniques and knowledge that are usable, and efficiently applicable for the management of “private life projects” as well. Therefore, project management isn’t only a sum of professional competences, but also a tool of a life outlook, and an attitude towards a certain life quality. One of the most notable specifics of PLM from an education perspective compared to project management is that it stresses the importance of transforming dreams and hopes into actual goals, and project planning. In this facet, PLM aims to reach success by spreading knowledge on, and applying the toolset of project management to great effect. According to our experiences, the starting point of PLM is to ‘projectise’ dreams