Life management awareness of female executives

2019 Blog, Other

A presenter of the Project Life Management section during the Selye János University’s X. International Scientific Conference dealt with the central topic of life management awareness of female executives.

In her presentation, she said that one of the most notable challenges of today – regardless of the challenged being a man or a woman – is how to abide by the roles we assign to ourselves, or society assigns to us. Reason being that it seems more and more as if the female and male roles that were clearly separated during the last Century were completely reversed in the modern World. Men often have feminine characteristics, while women often have masculine ones. It’s as if the borders were blurred.

We may feel that male energies are dominant in our World, while the success of the future leaders may be determined by their ability to experience female energies in leadership, regardless of gender.

Most of the leaders name the traditionally feminine qualities as the most important ones: EQ, willingness for cooperation, and flexibility.

In order to create an optimal balance between feminine and masculine energies, we must be able to access either regardless of context at the drop of a hat. Based on the presentation, female leaders are much more adept at awareness during the use of context-reliant leadership, which makes them more aware in managing their private lives as well.

However, men may find assurance in the fact that activating the different qualities can be learned, but it’s necessary to have incredible discipline and awareness.