The PLM concept

2019 Blog, Other

Success requires the person’s active perseverance and intentional incentive, but these efforts can also be implemented in a planned form, structured, arranged time-wise; in simpler terms, dreaming can be converted into action plans. Project Life Management employs its life management advice to efficiently help our lives incorporate awareness.

The point of the concept in short is to realise how our life is a huge, all-encompassing programme, in which we can find many sub-programmes, made up of countless interlinking, parallel, or concurrent projects and project packs. All of these hopefully lead to the realisation of our dreams. PLM helps us manage these with awareness and ‘professionalism’. Therefore, we can say that our lives are series of projects, and batches of projects. A sum of processes that can be interpreted, have their main regularities identified, and therefore susceptible to planning.

The concept believes that those that thing their dreams and plans through thoroughly, designate their goals with relatively high precision, lists the conditions of realising their efforts, summarises the to-dos necessary for achieving success in an all-encompassing (strategic) system, assigns sub-goals and partial results to relatively strict deadlines, and – if possible – exact KPIs, can be considered to act in accordance with the project perspective.