Opportunities of using the project perspective – from education to private life

2019 Blog, Other

Based on the research reports of partner organisations, and the experiences of the fieldwork in Vienna, we can say that the usage of project work in public education has been integrated in surrounding countries long ago, and is a part of education, from the smallest children to the courses aimed at adults.

In western countries, the project perspective isn’t exclusively used in formal education. Even during free time learning, public culture experiences, and other areas also has group work tasks based on project perspective.

Despite this, using project methods in private life doesn’t have examples in foreign countries, according to the partner organisations’ research results. Yet, all of the knowledge given to students during courses could be easily transplanted to private life, if only we modify the education concepts a bit.

Reason being that during project realisation, students link their theoretic knowledge learned via the course to real life situations. This results in a project or two becoming increasingly life-sized. Furthermore, students learn while not even realising (learning by doing), as they employ their knowledge learned during the courses and their extra know-how in practice.