PLM Training

2020 Blog, Other

The Project Life Management training on 15. 10. 2019 at Lillafüred was held by Dr. Györgyi Lakatosné Szuhai, concept creator of PLM Programme. The training was introduced through the examples of specific tasks to be solved during our lives, showing that project management tools can indeed be employed for private life.

Since during our everyday lives, and activities’ coordination, we need to have those most important management competences that we can identify with the 10 knowledge areas of project management. The five process groups of project management – preparation, planning, actualisation, monitoring-controlling and closing – can be used with awareness for our everyday lives’ private projects. All these combined with the 10 knowledge areas of PM, we can obtain a system, PLM, which helps us with our lives’ management with awareness.

If we know the system’s tools and methods, we can use them with ease. Depending on which kind of life situation we find ourselves in, we can decide which tool to lift from the metaphoric toolbox.

Naturally, different problems to solve come our ways for nursery students, elementary students, high schoolers, career starters, divorced, unemployed, leaders, or even those awaiting retirement. Different life situations desire for different competences, but the PLM system’s toolset offers help for managing any of them successfully.

It helps high schoolers who try to find themselves on the road to adulthood, and helps those awaiting retirement who are scared of feeling unnecessary. It helps by employing realistic goal defining, and re-planning, and the other elements of the PLM system, we merely need to keep aware which element we’re touching.

The next blog posts will introduce a few target groups, and list the situations they may find themselves in, related problems, and offer various aid and alternatives for solving them.