Social effects of the digital revolution

2020 Blog, Other

Thanks to the technological and social changes, and the globalising information world, our environments morph with a never-before seen frequency.

Digital tools and technologies appear everywhere – work, business, education, in other words, everywhere, in some form or another.

Our future points towards technology isn’t just an advantage, but the true basis of social infrastructure. As currently, our culture is undergoing a paradigm shift, where the goal isn’t technology itself, but connections, work, meaning the re-definition of life’s current definitions.

Using digital tools changed our senses, we sense time, space, and environment differently. Entertainment, self-expression and eating became things of key importance.

In the world of social media, good products become the apex swiftly, and hard to perceive “good consumer experience” solutions become necessities. Following these requires an open thought process, flexibility, competence for taking risks, and quick decisions.