The basis of working by identity

2020 Blog, Other

So long as we don’t know who we are exactly, what are our true deepest desires, strengths, weaknesses, we can’t know which road we need to tread in our lives for happiness and harmony.

Reason being, self-understanding is the basis for working by identity. This may offer us the chance to find a lifestyle, personal calling, workplace, which makes our lives truly harmonic and successful. Exploring how we work, and understanding it may be the entrance to become more understanding and accepting in general, making the road towards our goals more efficient.

Development of self-understanding helps us understand the rules and processes affecting our emotions, thought processes, choices and decisions. This needs not only theories, but practices by which we can identify fears, stress, habits, beliefs, patterns and wounds which affect our personalities.

If we know our own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and expectations towards ourselves and others, if we know the reasons why our conflicts appear, we can easily take the reins of our lives into our own hands.