Why will using project methods in our workplaces help us?

2019 Blog, Other

A few years ago, research conducted among employers showed that enterprises specifically desire their future employees to be able to do their tasks alone, to have situational awareness, and the ability to solve problems on the fly, and finally, the willingness to cooperate. All these competences aren’t developed to a sufficient degree by usual, traditional methods, however, the project method can cover these blanks for us. If we think it over, often in a workplace, employees and/or groups of employees are required to solve a project task.

The project method, due to requiring community cooperation, develops human relationships, social competences, teaches us to work in groups, and cooperate (which is exactly what domestic employers see as lacking parts of potential employees), to have a realistic professional role, and to adapt to co-workers.

Participants of projects realise ideas based on individual and group compromises, which incites people to learn, motivate them for debate, discussion, talk, and express individual opinion. They learn how to detail, defend, solve said opinions.

The usage of the project method leads to the development of the often mentioned problem solving thought process and creativity, detailed already in earlier blog posts.