Yoga, as a project for health preservation

2019 Blog, Other

The delegate of the Slovakian partner organisation, Dr. József Poór held a very exciting and unique presentation during the workshop meet in Miskolctapolca. In his presentation, he talked about the ever-changing XXI. Century World’s unique challenges, such as the constant insecurity caused by endless technological development, differences in generational demands, complexity of decision making processes, and the efficient economising of our resources. This last topic, in other words, health preservation as smart handling of our resources offered one area that’s highly problematic as the central topic of his presentation: as health is our greatest valuable.

Yoga, as an elixir for the body and the mind, has several positive effects the presentation listed out. Yoga is in one, movement, health conservation, healing, self-understanding, mental development, and others, which makes our lives proceed.

In this presentation, it was pressed how more and more employers realise the importance of health conservation and preventative measures, and increases their focus on workplace health conservation measures. Traditional workplace safety and health assurance forms therefore got a newcomer, spanning through work hours to keep caring for the employee, which strengthens the dedication and ethical relation of both sides towards each other, the initiative to keep workforce healthy, build employer brand, and strengthen it on the labour market. Since, as we know, the mental and physical health of employees has an effect on their work efficiency, and through it, company performance.