Public workshops in unusual places

2018 Blog, Other

Come and familiarise with yourself personally with the opportunities offered by project-based life management, using the Project Life Management concept!

We are awaiting your participation in our public workshops at three different locations during three different dates, where we will introduce the PLM concept as part of an interactive discussion. The mother of the concept, Györgyi Lakatosné Szuhai will share her personal experiences with you, about how much simpler and more easily predictable her life has been, since she used her project management concept to base her everyday life on the project perspective. If you join us, you will have the opportunity to discuss the scientific basis, and the future of project-based education with professors who are detailed about the topic.

We chose the areas where we will hold workshops while stressing the importance of balance between work and private life, as we await your participation in exclusive areas, hoping you’ll take part in an open discussion, if you’re interested in an innovative perspective, and are capable of changing your current lifestyle, in order to spend your everyday life in a more balanced manner. The locations we chose also offer opportunities to refresh your body and mind, and you can go on many outings as well if you wish.
Let us dare think differently, and let’s learn to live and plan in a project perspective!

The usage of PLM in private life will also influence personal workplace performance, as prioritising and time management can be efficiently used to create a harmonic work-life balance. Handling a part of our lives, or an important event in our lives as a project, and separating it into project phases may help us a lot in managing our everyday lives, and coordinating our time efficiently.